Jennifer Willner, Esq., Bellingham, WA

Jennifer Willner"I have heard Cindy speak on several occasions, she is a fabulous presenter. She has an exceptional interactive style: rather than talking to the audience, like most lawyer presenters, Cindy engages the audience immediately eliciting and encouraging contributions to the discussion. This results in gaining knowledge both from Cindy’s expertise but also members of the audience too. I really really like this approach that Cindy takes as a presenter. What I have observed is that members of the audience are not looking at their smartphones, they’re not looking at computer screens, they are attentive to what Cindy is saying and the contributions of members of the audience to the discussion. Frankly, I find lawyers are some of the worst offenders of not paying attention in CLE presentations, they pay more attention to their technology devices than the CLE presenter. But Cindy immediately gains the attention of this recalcitrant and easily bored group and the entire hour flies by with great content, an engaging presentation style and full audience participation. Time well spent by anyone’s definition!"