The Coaching Process

Are you ready for change?

Like most people, you would probably like to change some aspect of your life - personal or professional. Maybe you want to make more money or have an office that runs more smoothly. Perhaps you have thought about spending more time with your family, starting a regular exercise program or pursuing a cherished hobby that you dropped once you started practicing law.

If you have a desire to improve in some area but remain stuck, it may be time to ask yourself THE big question: What is holding you back?

While some seem to move ahead in their lives easily - adjusting and transforming along the way, many people are unable to move forward toward reaching their full potential and consequently become frustrated. One reason is that they have not been equipped with the tools that synthesize the change process into manageable steps. Without a written plan, it is all too easy to simply give up when obstacles seem overwhelming or when one fails at a first attempt to reach a goal.

Many attorneys (including me) have found the coaching process to offer great clarity and structure, which has lead to positive transformation. Throughout many years of being a coaching client/practicing attorney, I developed practice and life management perspectives and tools that I now share with my colleagues through TSL's Attorney Business Coaching System.

Complimentary Consultation

If you are ready to Take Charge of Your Life, I invite you to take advantage of a complimentary 1/2 hour phone consultation to determine if you could benefit from my results oriented coaching methodology. All inquiries are kept confidential.