You Are Your Own Best Coach!

A speedometer with red needle pointing to Reach Goal, encouraging people to get motivated

You are Your Own Best Coach! can be offered as a plenary or as a 60 minute breakout session with ethics credit.

One of the most common complaint areas in the attorney ethics arena is the allegation of Lack of Diligence MRPC 1.3. Attorneys CAN be taught to develop stronger organizational aptitudes. By staying organized and running your practice efficiently, you lessen your chances of violating MRPC 1.3 because you will by and large be on top of your work load. I will introduce several practice management and activity mastery strategies that participants can incorporate immediately into their practices as well as day to day personal lives. Tools that will assist with organization and self management will be provided along with a detailed explanation as to how the diligent and persistent use of these tools can help you achieve balance in personal as well as professional lives. Maintaining accountability to self ultimately translates into accountability to clients.

Concepts explored will include:

  • Goal Setting Techniques
  • The One Year Challenge
  • The Ideal Week - Dissected
  • The “Must Do” List