Attorney Coaching - Rave Reviews

I hired Cindy as my coach after attending one of her presentations for a group of New Jersey attorneys. We've been working together for several months now and I am already seeing wonderful results. Right away Cindy assessed and helped me recognize my career and life goals, strengths, and things that I wanted to improve. She then tailored a coaching approach and style to fit my goals and needs. Cindy is very attentive – she keeps in touch with suggestions and assignments throughout the week, and every week when we meet it shows that she has put in time preparing for our meeting. An added benefit is that Cindy is a successful attorney with decades of experience, which includes running her own law firm. Cindy is therefore in a great position to coach attorneys of all experience levels and backgrounds.

– Mercer County Attorney

Before I met Cindy and heard her speak, I was skeptical about "coaching" and what, if any, value it could add to my career and achieving my life goals. But after working with Cindy for several months, I am very happy that I hired her. If you want to be a better attorney with a game plan to achieve your lifelong goals, Cindy Sharp is the coach who will help you get there.

– Mercer County Attorney

I want you to realize how invaluable all of our meetings have been to me. This MasterMind fun has arrived into my life at the best time!! I am ready to grow and finally bloom into the best lawyer I know I can be! The energy, direction and support is exactly what I have needed to help jump start where I want to be and I am excited!! If not for your seminar last Fall, who knows... So, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you!

– Camden County Attorney

With Cindy's empathetic persona, as their coach, the client should feel that their goals can be accomplished!

– Glenn E. Soloner

GarySkoleI have been in business for 21 years and started working with Cindy to help my business get to the next level. She is a great coach and motivator. Her success as a business owner shows that she can talk the talk and walk the walk. She is continually learning new techniques to help her improve her coaching skills and is a great benefit to anyone who works with her.

– Gary Skole, Owner, Assisted Living At Home

My name is Christopher DeYoung, I am the owner of the DeYoung Financial Group in Cherry Hill. I have known Cynthia Sharp now for about 2 1/2 years. I started working with her in a Master Mind group and I must say that my life is almost completely different than when I first met her. I would characterize her as a “change agent” that changed my whole life and way of thinking and how I look at the world and my success. The actions that create my success are dramatically different then where they were when we first met. I thank her and I’ll give her the highest recommendation I could possibly give for a professional and a friend, because that’s what she’ll become for you.

– Christopher DeYoung, DeYoung Financial Group, Cherry Hill