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*Copies of articles published prior to 2011 are available upon request. (See Curriculum Vitae for Representative Publications.)


Cynthia Sharp The Lawyer’s Guide to Financial Planning (ABA, 2015) The Lawyer’s Guide to Financial Planning by Cynthia Sharp is an indispensable resource for any professional seeking financial literacy and security. Sharp, a veteran attorney with an LL.M. in taxation, explores essential financial and tax concepts that all lawyers must grasp in order to properly guide clients as well as to secure their own economic futures.

A roadmap to this comprehensive and well-researched book is provided in the detailed table of contents which is available online. (See link below.) Written for busy professionals, this practical, step-by-step and fun-to-read guide provides unbiased and balanced recommendations, resources, references and tools. All readers, whatever level of wealth, will benefit from Sharp’s extensive knowledge and wisdom. CLICK HERE to order The Lawyer’s Guide to Financial Planning, available through ABA Book Publishing.

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  • The Reality Focus - Self Assessment Tool for Delecatees
  • The Reality Focus - Self Assessment Tool for Delegators

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  • Greene, Arthur G., The Lawyer's Guide to Increasing Revenue, Second Edition, Chicago, IL: ABA Publishing, 2011. Print.