"I am pleased to offer my strongest endorsement of Cynthia Sharp and The Sharper Lawyer. As current client of several years. I can personally attest to the quality of Cynthia as a Coach and as a person. From a professional standpoint, she has tremendous credibility and experience having worked as a lawyer in large and small firms including her own. Her experience and expertise with the business of law is invaluable unparalleled. Many coaches working in the legal industry may have something to say about business development or financial management but Cindy is uniquely qualified to consult on all those matters as a lawyer. In any difficult business or practice situation, she is inevitably my first call.

The range of her expertise is extremely wide and valuable to either a sole practitioner or a lawyer in a large firm developing some aspect of their practice. Additionally, she is extremely creative in her approach and solutions. Lastly, I cannot say enough about Cindy as a person. She is a extremely warm and caring person who invests herself with clients. She is a person of the highest integrity and I am extremely proud to call my coach and friend.

Feel free to call me with any questions you may have regarding Cindy's work or character."

– Gerald R. Nowotny, Esq.

"I have known Cynthia Sharp through the Philadelphia Chapter of the National Speaker¹s Association. Cynthia is an outstanding, highly effective speaker and teacher who exudes enthusiasm and passion for educating her audience. As an active member of the Philadelphia Chapter of the National Speaker's Association, where she has been both a Past President and also Dean of the chapter¹s Speaker Academy, she has exceptional knowledge of the speaking industry. Cynthia has consistently and generously offered her talents and knowledge to support others and help them succeed professionally."

– Jess Amchin, MD, JD, President, Jess Amchin Consulting, LLC

Cynthia Sharp is an excellent facilitator and an excellent communicator. Cynthia brings energy and enthusiasm to her speaking programs and she has a way of making things clear as well as encouraging each participant by highlights their individual strengths, creating an environment of empowerment for the participants.

Already a successful speaker in her own right, I would highly recommend her for any platform speaking skills program.

– Steve Boust

I’ve known Cindy Sharp for over 2 years through the National Speaker’s Association, Philadelphia Chapter where she welcomed me with open arms. For the past year, I worked directly with her in her role as the Dean of the chapter’s Speakers Academy. During the whole time we worked together, I found her to be open, engaging and generous beyond measure with her talents and skills. And that generosity wasn’t just to me; she shared it with all members of the Academy and the chapter.

Cindy’s knowledge of the speaking industry is unparalleled. If you have a chance to bring Cindy in to speak, train, and/or coach, DO it. You’ll be glad you did.

– Sandra K. Lynne, Vol. Admin, NSA - Philadelphia Speaker's Association

“I am a writer, yet I cannot find the words to adequately convey how very grateful I am for the kindness, support and wisdom you have so generously given me. I have never met a smarter more dynamic woman - you set a standard for me and I know for the many others who benefit from your console and friendship.”

– Patricia Keleman, Writer

gary-bauer"Cynthia Sharp is one of those speakers who connects with the audience. She will leave you with many valuable takeaways. Even though you may be mandated to attend CLE's, this one will have you taking notes during the entire session.

As the most recent recipient of the GPSolo Division Trainer Award, I believe I am in a position to see great talent when I see it. Cynthia Sharp delivers the goods! Her enthusiasm, presentation style, and visual aids all combine to provide the audience with great takeaways. I found myself writing notes during the entire presentation as she managed to make a potentially complicated and dry subject come alive and left me with a much better understanding of the ethical rules where the "rubber meets the road".

If you have a chance to attend one of her seminars, don't miss it. You will find it to be time well-spent. "

– Gary P. Bauer, Professor of Law, Western Michigan University, Thomas Cooley Law School

Jennifer Willner"I've heard Cindy speak on five different occasions at national conferences sponsored by the ABA and ABA entities. She is a fantastic speaker! Articulate, experienced, funny and she can engage an audience of 50 people to 300 effortlessly. She is a published author and I have read, and own, her book The Lawyer's Guide to Financial Planning.

I highly recommend her as a national caliber speaker for any legal conference or event. As an aside, I serve as co-chair of the Women’s Law Caucus of the ABA's Solo, Small Firm and General Practice Division. Cindy's passion for gender equality moved me to request her appointment to the Advisory Board of the Caucus."

– Jennifer Willner, Esq. , Bellingham, WA

Dr. Artika R. Tyner"Cynthia Sharp provided practical guidance on business development, marketing and client management. I am applying the techniques explored in her CLE. I am proud to report it has increased my sales and revenue.”

– Dr. Artika R. Tyner. Ed.D, M.P.P., J.D., Associate Vice President for Diversity & Inclusion, University of St.Thomas

Jennifer Willner"I have heard Cindy speak on several occasions, she is a fabulous presenter. She has an exceptional interactive style: rather than talking to the audience, like most lawyer presenters, Cindy engages the audience immediately eliciting and encouraging contributions to the discussion. This results in gaining knowledge both from Cindy’s expertise but also members of the audience too. I really really like this approach that Cindy takes as a presenter. What I have observed is that members of the audience are not looking at their smartphones, they’re not looking at computer screens, they are attentive to what Cindy is saying and the contributions of members of the audience to the discussion. Frankly, I find lawyers are some of the worst offenders of not paying attention in CLE presentations, they pay more attention to their technology devices than the CLE presenter. But Cindy immediately gains the attention of this recalcitrant and easily bored group and the entire hour flies by with great content, an engaging presentation style and full audience participation. Time well spent by anyone’s definition!"

– Jennifer Willner, Esq., Bellingham, WA

BrettGibson1"In business, sometimes you need a sounding board for new ideas, an outsider’s insight into your business practices, and a partner to hold you accountable. Cindy provides all of this, along with being a cheerleader for your success. Cindy has helped me gain clarity in not only setting business objectives, but achieving them. Her common sense approach to identifying and implementing action steps has helped me grow my business. I would recommend Cindy to anyone who wants to take their practice to the next level."

– Brett Gibson, Gibson Law Office

PatriciaYeviks"Cynthia spoke to attendees at our 15th Annual Solo and Small Firm Conference and she was great to work with. She was pleasant and very attentive to staff and attendees. Attendees were happy with her presentation and our members can be a tough crowd. We recommend her for presentations."

– Patricia A. Yevics, Director, Law Office Management Assistance, Maryland State Bar Association

DavidWoodsHi, my name is David Woods. I am an attorney in O’Fallon, Missouri.

Before I attended a Continuing Legal Education Class put on by Cindy, I was struggling to understand the rules of social media. As I started to look for a solution, I was worried that I would create a website that would violate the Missouri Ethical Standards. Cindy, though, equipped me to understand how to comply with those rules.

Cindy has also introduced me to a concept called the “Ideal Week”. With that tool, I have been able to take charge of my professional life. Now I can arrange my week, or at least plan it to the best I can, so that I can make the best use of my work time. I can then spend more time with my family. You see, I am very con?dent using the tools that Cindy has taught me - that’s because they work. Cindy’s teachings are fun, they’re educational and they are also very entertaining. I would recommend Cynthia Sharp for any program that she would present to you.

Thanks for listening to me.


– David Woods, O’Fallon, Missouri

StaceyRosenbergerWhat a first rate CLE. Unique, interesting, beneficial in my everyday life. Cindy is an exciting and interesting speaker. I highly recommend her seminar.

– Stacey Rosenberger, St. Louis, MO

GaryBorgerI'm Gary Borger and I'm the senior attorney with Borger Jones Matez and Keeley-Cain in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, a boutique family law practice. I've been in private practice over 34 years and I've had the opportunity over the past year to attend three seminars presented by Cindy Sharp of The Sharper Lawyer. I have found Cindy to be a dynamic speaker, very clear in her presentations, having honed her material to what attorneys need to hear - a very focused and well organized presentation that certainly holds your interest during the course of the seminar. I highly recommend her for your organization whether it be your firm or for you personally to attend. It's well worth the money.


– Gary Borger, Borger Jones Matez and Keeley-Cain

Cynthia Sharp has lectured for ICLE many times over the past few years. She is easy to work with and puts on an informative program. She is receptive to attendees' questions and comments and receives good reviews for her seminars.

– Eileen O'Connor, Esq., NJICLE Seminar Department Director

Cynthia is amazing - brilliant & entertaining & beautiful.

– Jane A. Lorber, Attorney at Law

I recently attended a MOBAR CLE program taught by Cindy Sharp. Cindy gave us many tools to use to enhance and improve our ability to market our law practice. As she continued her presentation, I realized that she was doing more than just imparting information. Cindy was coaching us. Do not miss the significance that she was coaching us and not just teaching us. Cindy was coaching us to be better marketers.

As Cindy was showing us the specific tool of how to plan our ideal week, I realized that she was doing more than teaching us how to communicate the value of what we do for our clients. Cindy was coaching us that our clients want to have a great experience with us as their lawyer. Cindy was coaching us that we should develop a culture of communication with each client. Cindy was coaching us to deliver value to our clients. She said that our clients will remember how we made them feel. She said we should treat each estate planning client as if they were our mother and father.

The ideal week planning tool was one of many tools she gave to us. In addition to the tools given, she cared about us and wanted us to become better attorneys by becoming better organized and better at delivered our marketing message. Cindy also gave her time to us outside of the seminar. She was encouraging to and interested in us.

I recommend attending any seminar at which she is coaching. Thank you Cindy.

– David E. Woods, Attorney at Law, O’Fallon, MO

I have had the opportunity and pleasure of working with Cynthia Sharp for the first time this past winter when she presented her seminars for The Missouri Bar. She presented two programs in both St. Louis and Kansas City. Take Charge of Your Life (Personal & Professional) and The Ethics of Legal Marketing in a Social Media Environment were extremely well-received by our members.

Cindy's outstanding presentation style and substance at our continuing legal education programs was certainly a welcomed addition for our attendees. Not only doesshe know her topic — but her delivery is very engaging. Cindy is obviously very motivated about the issues she discusses. Based on the seminar evaluations, her presentation was "excellent and practical." She was very well prepared and gave targeted examples when explaining the rules and the practice of law. One particular registrant enjoyed her "style — walking, hand motions, voice inflections" and was amazed at how she kept going. There is no doubt that our members were well-served by her knowledge and expertise. The Missouri Bar CLE staff was pleased to work with Cindy. It was very nice to see that she had no trouble keeping our attorneys' attention focused on what she was teaching. Her professionalism is evident by her commitment to planning, preparation of her materials, and her seamless delivery.

I highly recommend Cynthia Sharp to any organization looking for a speaker who provides entertainment and thoughtful exploration of these specific practice management topics. There is no doubt that she will be invited back to enlighten and educate Missouri lawyers.

– Delores L. Shepherd, Director of CLE Programs, The Missouri Bar

I’ve attended several of Cindy’s programs and they are always well researched, well prepared and well presented. She is thoroughly professional and informative.

– Jack Fleming, Attorney at Law

Thank you for lecturing for the New Jersey Institute for Continuing Legal Education. Over the last 20 years, you have spoken for us on numerous elder topics including tax aspects of elder law, guardianship, Medicaid and will contests.

In the last few years, you have branched out, joining panels covering such diverse topics as power strategies for profitable law firms and, at our First Annual Women's Bench Bar Conference, you lectured on important issues female attorneys face in today's society.

Like a bottle of fine wine, you keep getting better, as attendee reviews can attest. You continue to be highly rated by your audience. You are also a pleasure to work with as you consistently submit quality accompanying materials in a timely fashion.

My only regret is having to share with you bar associations and law schools across the country. But I guess it's only right that the rest of the nation's lawyers see what New Jersey attorneys have enjoyed for years – a quality entertaining speaker focused on making us better practitioners. Good luck with your speaking career!

– Michael Weisberg, Esq., NJ ICLE

Cynthia Sharp has lectured for ICLE many times over the past few years. She is easy to work with and puts on an informative program. She is receptive to attendees' questions and comments and receives good reviews for her seminars.

– Eileen O'Connor, Esq., NJICLE Seminar Department Director

KaraEdensI just wanted to say thank you for putting together a terrific program for the Burlington County Bar Association. From the moment I received your outline, I knew it would be an excellent seminar. Judging from the amount of positive evaluations I received from the attendees, I'd venture to say they agree. We'd be happy to have you back as a presenter for the BCBA!

– Kara Edens, Executive Director, Burlington County Bar Association (NJ)

MarcGarfinkleCynthia Sharp brings to CLE a youthful viewpoint and a journeyman's trunk full of experience. She is a sharp attorney, a sharp business-woman, a sharp dresser, a sharp talker, and a sharp-shooter with her ever-sharper legal education programs. Her energy rivets the audience and her natural humor makes the time entertaining as well as instructive. She loves what she does, and it shows.

– Marc D. Garfinkle, Attorney at Law

GaryBorgerI have lectured for The Sharper Lawyer, Cynthia's continuing legal education company. Having known Cynthia for the past 30 years, I can attest to her experience, background, intelligence and discipline to assist others in their professional development. Her courses are well-structured and informative and provide value for the CLE dollars spent, whether in substantive legal areas or in practice development and individual professional development. Dollars spend for Cynthia's programs are dollars well spent!

– Gary Borger, Esquire, Shareholder and officer, Borger Jones Matez & Keeley-Cain, P.A.

LarryFriedmanCindy is very smart and a dynamic presenter who takes the time to gain expertise in her subjects and prepare useful materials. We have presented on numerous panels and Cindy always is a hit with audiences.

– Lawrence A. Friedman, Esq.

JoeMarovichCynthia is a dynamo with groups. She holds their attention for every minute and intersperses stories to illustrate her points. She adds humor, answers questions, is incredibly generous with her time, and one of the most knowledgeable presenters I've ever had in my classroom. The students repeatedly recommend her, as I do. Your choice of Cynthia will be seen as "the best."

– Joe Marovich, Owner - Marovich Business Institute

Cynthia is a great people person who is detail oriented. She works for and gets the best results for her original classes.

– Vicki Bosler

Take Charge! was one of the best seminars I've attended. I thought I was just coming for CLE credits but certainly got more out of it than I expected. Thank you.


– Joe Picillo, Esq

GregDeMicheleI recently attended Cindy's seminar on Take Charge of Your Life Both Personally and Professionally. The seminar was great. I really learned a lot. For me, I really learned a lot on how to grow and develop my practice. Not only was it a great seminar to attend once, but it is something that I am planning on attending every year to help me refocus my marketing efforts. I can focus on my clients that I have now and gain more clients. Not just gaining more clients, but what I would call quality clients. It is a seminar that I would definitely recommend to anyone looking to enhance their practice and it's something that I plan on attending on a yearly basis. It's almost as if you have your own personal life and professional coach.


– Greg DeMichele, DeMichele & DeMichele P.C., Haddon Heights, NJ

YvonneDayanGreat! Creative and outrageous way to get women back to their Power. I learned a lot and had a lot of fun. I will use this material at home and in the workplace in many ways. Thanks Cynthia!

– Yvonne Dayan, Aventura, Florida

DonalDevlinCynthia's energy, enthusiasm and knowledge is contagious.

– Donald A. Devlin, CPA

Cynthia has the unique ability to deliver important, useful and informative material while being entertaining at the same time. Her enthusiasm for her topic (whatever it may be) is contagious and she makes learning fun and interesting while getting her message across to the audience.

– Thomas F. Praiss, EA, CFP, AEP, President 2007-2008 Estate and Financial Planning Council of Southern New Jersey

We continue to ask her back because seminar attendees consistently give her the highest ratings on their evaluation forms. They not only learn extensively from the content of her presentation and written material but also enjoy her delivery style, since Cynthia's passion for her subject is obvious.

– Cara Schomisch, Business Manager, PESI, LLC

Cynthia has been the sharpest speaker I've heard in my 19 years with UBS. She hits all points and really knows her stuff.

– Mary Skok, UBS Financial Services

GaryBorgerI'm Gary Borger and I'm the senior attorney with Borger Jones Matez and Keeley-Cain in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, a boutique family law practice. I've been in private practice over 34 years and I've had the opportunity over the past year to attend three seminars presented by Cindy Sharp of The Sharper Lawyer. I have found Cindy to be a dynamic speaker, very clear in her presentations, having honed her material to what attorneys need to hear - a very focused and well organized presentation that certainly holds your interest during the course of the seminar. I highly recommend her for your organization whether it be your firm or for you personally to attend. It's well worth the money.

– Gary Borger, Borger Jones Matez and Keeley-Cain

I hired Cindy as my coach after attending one of her presentations for a group of New Jersey attorneys. We've been working together for several months now and I am already seeing wonderful results. Right away Cindy assessed and helped me recognize my career and life goals, strengths, and things that I wanted to improve. She then tailored a coaching approach and style to fit my goals and needs. Cindy is very attentive – she keeps in touch with suggestions and assignments throughout the week, and every week when we meet it shows that she has put in time preparing for our meeting. An added benefit is that Cindy is a successful attorney with decades of experience, which includes running her own law firm. Cindy is therefore in a great position to coach attorneys of all experience levels and backgrounds.

– Mercer County Attorney

Before I met Cindy and heard her speak, I was skeptical about "coaching" and what, if any, value it could add to my career and achieving my life goals. But after working with Cindy for several months, I am very happy that I hired her. If you want to be a better attorney with a game plan to achieve your lifelong goals, Cindy Sharp is the coach who will help you get there.

– Mercer County Attorney

I want you to realize how invaluable all of our meetings have been to me. This MasterMind fun has arrived into my life at the best time!! I am ready to grow and finally bloom into the best lawyer I know I can be! The energy, direction and support is exactly what I have needed to help jump start where I want to be and I am excited!! If not for your seminar last Fall, who knows... So, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you!

– Camden County Attorney

With Cindy's empathetic persona, as their coach, the client should feel that their goals can be accomplished!

– Glenn E. Soloner

GarySkoleI have been in business for 21 years and started working with Cindy to help my business get to the next level. She is a great coach and motivator. Her success as a business owner shows that she can talk the talk and walk the walk. She is continually learning new techniques to help her improve her coaching skills and is a great benefit to anyone who works with her.

– Gary Skole, Owner, Assisted Living At Home

My name is Christopher DeYoung, I am the owner of the DeYoung Financial Group in Cherry Hill. I have known Cynthia Sharp now for about 2 1/2 years. I started working with her in a Master Mind group and I must say that my life is almost completely different than when I first met her. I would characterize her as a “change agent” that changed my whole life and way of thinking and how I look at the world and my success. The actions that create my success are dramatically different then where they were when we first met. I thank her and I’ll give her the highest recommendation I could possibly give for a professional and a friend, because that’s what she’ll become for you.

– Christopher DeYoung, DeYoung Financial Group, Cherry Hill

CathyPisciottaHi, my name is Cathy Pisciotta. I have been an attorney for more than 20 years and have had the honor of seeing Cindy speak on many occasions. Today, I saw her again and I didn’t think she would have anything new to teach me. Guess what? Unbelievably cutting edge topics! I thought I knew about cutting edge topics in the area of technology as it applies to my practice as a lawyer. She taught me so much that I don’t even know where to start to implement some of the things that she suggested. So, Cindy, you managed to do it again! God bless you! Keep doing it please, we need you! Thanks Cindy!

– Cathy Pisciotta

“I have known Cindy for a number of years. She has volunteered as a member of the Solo, Small Firm and General Practice Division of the American Bar Association (GPSolo), where I have been an officer for the past five (5) years and where I currently serve as Immediate Past Chair of the Division.

I have been practicing law for over 30 years and have attended many continuing legal education seminars, including seminars presented by Cindy. In all my years of attending seminars, some individuals stand out for their great qualities and Cindy is one of those people. She is passionate about sharing her wisdom and knowledge. She is engaging and holds the room and motivates attorneys to change mindset and take follow up action to enhance their practice. She is well known throughout GPSolo for her work ethic, positive attitude, teamwork, leadership, and diligence.

Cindy has shown time and time again that she is a positive, motivated speaker and leader and I heartily recommend Cindy as a speaker, coach, and writer.”

– David Lefton, Esq., Cincinnati, Ohio

"I can't speak highly enough of Cynthia's practice management seminar! It truly changed the way I look at my practice. She provided practical, easy, and effective tools to increase efficiency, productivity, and sanity. I implemented Cynthia's tips the very next day and have never looked back. Four years later and I still use the information Cynthia provided on a daily basis.”

– DeAnn Farthing, Esq., Indianapolis, IN

“I have seen Cynthia Sharp, the Sharper Lawyer, as a professional speaker, many, many times over the past ten years. I have seen her both in national forums and at the Indiana Solo Small Firm Conference. Cynthia’s presentation on achieving success in running a law practice, including her tips on finance and time management, are invaluable. I would highly recommend Cynthia Sharp as a speaker either in a small or large forum, whether on specific topics or broader general topics in her area.

Cynthia’s presentation is well received and so well received because she is not speaking to lawyers, she is speaking with lawyers, educating them in an informative and humorous, at times, style. For what is considered a “dry topic” is not presented in a “dry” manner when Cynthia Sharp gives a presentation. I would recommend her programs to any veteran lawyer or new lawyers.”

– Marc Matheny, Esq., Indianapolis, IN

“I have always considered us to be very lucky when we were able to convince Cynthia Sharp to speak at the Conference. This year I attended three of Cynthia’s presentations. All of them were very interesting and highly useful. Cynthia is a dynamic speaker who interacts with the audience to keep them engaged. I learned more in her sessions than in any others I attended.

One of the difficulties of programming our conference is that the attendees practice across a broad spectrum of subject matter areas, thereby making it difficult to find speakers whose topics will appeal to this practice-diverse group of attendees. Cynthia’s topics fill that bill nicely. The practice growth and management topics on which Cynthia speaks appeal to all our attendees, regardless of their practice discipline. I hope that Cynthia will agree to speak at an upcoming conference in the near future”

– Vic Indiano, Esq., Indianapolis, IN

“I recently retired from federal service and opened my own solo practice in immigration. Cindy's presentation to the Indiana Bar Association was not only highly informative but also engaging and entertaining. She "got me thinking" about strategies to boost fees and efficiency for my practice moving forward. I cannot stress enough how much I enjoyed her presentation. So many of these CLE credit experiences are a "snoozefest" but Cindy is a delight: you laugh and smile while learning. I greatly appreciate she was open to taking questions and talking with participants after the talk."

– Craig Lebamoff, Esq., Chicago, IL

“Cynthia provides structure, clarity, and insights into what makes a law office function, and what makes a lawyer tick. Her help has been highly valuable in growing my practice, whilst building detachment from the stresses of legal practice, enabling me to enjoy life. I recommend the Sharper Lawyer for anyone looking to make a thriving law practice part of a thriving life.”

– Megan Oltman, Esq., Princeton, NJ

“Several years ago I realized that I had a need for a business coach. I was watching other attorneys sign up for various programs and spending thousands of dollars a month on fees. I was watching them travel around the country to attend seminars and mandatory meetings. I did not see them making more money or having less stress or having a real one on one guidance.

I attended many of the seminars or at least some of the introductory "sales pitches" of these coaching companies. The programs were either too juvenile for me, or, they took a one size fits all approach. It was not for me.

I had known Cynthia by reputation for many years. I reached out to her. Cynthia immediately became an indispensable guide for me. She was not afraid to tell me when I was wrong; she would work with me to find solutions that worked for me; she provided me materials and guidance that was suited to my needs. She worked with my schedule, my needs, and my personality. That is a tall order.

I feel like she sits on my shoulder as my conscience when I am making business decisions. I value her opinion and I trust her. Anyone considering a business coach, who wants to be treated like a person and not a profit center, needs to speak with Cynthia first.”

– Amy Sara Cores, Esq., Freehold, NJ

“I would highly recommend Cynthia Sharp for business development coaching. All business development coaches focus on helping lawyers organize and focus their business development efforts on specific targets. Certainly Ms. Sharp can help clients with aspects of business development. But she is really good at getting lawyers to get away from their desk and in front of targets. Lawyers feel most comfortable at their desk working on client matters. But Ms. Sharp focuses on getting lawyers to get out there; to speak in front of groups containing target clients or present on particular topics to specific target clients. She correctly recognizes that such efforts can pay dividends. When we worked together, she was always pushing me to speak. I finally did speak at a client customer meeting. There I met two prospects that have now, or will soon turn into, two new clients -- one after I later followed up with a FERC compliance presentation. I credit Ms. Sharp with that success. For that reason, I would strongly recommend Ms. Sharp for business development coaching.”

– Bob Fallon, Esq., Washington DC

“Cindy and I have worked together since I heard her deliver a CLE in September 2016 and we continue to consult on a monthly basis.

The biggest areas where I have improved are solving problems with win/win perspectives, narrowing down the type of law I practice, time management, leveraging contacts and intellectual capital, writing about case studies for the ideal client I want to attract, researching people before I meet them rather than unintentional networking, and specific follow through.

Cindy guided me to be a national author and continues to help me make changes, see new possibilities, and act on them to produce results.

Cindy is always passionate, positive, and goes above and beyond. I'm lucky to have her mentorship in my growing career and pursuit of excellence.”

– David Berlin, Esq., Philadelphia, PA

“With Cindy's empathetic persona, as their coach, the client should feel that their goals can be accomplished!”

– Glen E. Soloner

“I am glad I decided not to leave the NJ Institute of Continuing Legal Education Elder Law Symposium in New Brunswick last week immediately after my 11:10 a.m. presentation was finished.

By staying I was able to watch you present a lively and most informative program. I not only learned a thing or two substantively about Estate Recovery and Qualified Income Trusts in the context of Medicaid planning, but I was very impressed with how you engaged the audience throughout. You drew them in and held their interest. And, along with imparting knowledge and experience, that is our ultimate goal when we are on the podium.

It was a pleasure watching a terrific speaker do her thing.”

– Bruce E. Mantell, Mantell, Prince & Reynolds, P.C.
"Cindy’s excellent guidance and advice have enabled me to increase my business and streamline various aspects of my law practice. She is a truly gifted consultant that is not only caring, but emotionally vested in the success of her clients. I recommend her services without hesitation."

– Brad K. Saunders, P.A.