How to Retain Law Firm Staff

What is your employee turnover rate? If you don’t know, it’s time to start measuring that metric and to also determine the economic loss suffered by your firm when a person leaves. Productivity suffers and there are always direct costs incurred in the course of filling an open position.
Retention starts with strong leadership and management that is dedicated to creating a favorable workplace environment. This can certainly be challenging in the law firm setting which is often chaotic and stressful. Why not start out on the right foot and create a process for new hires geared to quickly integrate him or her into the firm culture and processes. One of my recent articles “3 Tips to Help New Employees Get a Jump Start on Productivity” published in the ABA eReport outlines a sample onboarding process for a small firm. Let me know what steps you take in preparation for a new employee’s first day on the job.
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