Networking Tips for High Tech/Low Touch World

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In an atmosphere of “high tech/low touch”, strategic in person networking remains the most powerful way to create and deepen relationships. Here are a few tips to successful networking at an event or conference:

  1. Research the background of any speaker or other attendees (if you have that information). I normally connect through social media prior to the event which warms the atmosphere for an in person introduction.
  2. Instead of hanging out with others from your office or social group, be sure to mingle. The purpose is to establish new business relationships.
  3. Engage fully while conversing. Glancing around the room, at your watch or cell phone sends an unattractive message to your conversation partner. Many lawyers (and other adults) have unfortunately not mastered basic social skills. Make sure you’re not one of them.
  4. The most important and neglected part is The Follow Up. Immediately after a networking event or conference (usually before leaving the premises), I take a snapshot of the business cards given to me. Using Evernote, the image is sent to my virtual assistant along with instructions to add contact information to our marketing database as well as the appropriate follow up action (i.e., send a letter, schedule a lunch date or other specific action).

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