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Over the past few weeks, I have been working on my business plan and setting other personal goals for 2014. My process is to visualize where I want to be at the end of the year and then to painstakingly outline the steps that will hopefully advance me toward the objectives. Obviously, adjustments are made along the way and some goals are even deferred. However, it’s almost impossible to set and implement goals without structure.

The first step in the process is to assess where you stand right now! Only then can you outline the building blocks to change. The following is a mini assessment designed to stimulate your own thinking about areas that may need improvement. The earlier you start with the process, the earlier you will see results! As Karen Lamb so aptly put it: “A year from now you may wish you had started today.”



The first step in making a change is to identify where you stand at this moment. Stepping back and taking a sincere look at your current situation will help you identify your frustrations as well as your ultimate goals.

Please assign a score reflecting your level of agreement with the following statements. (A score of 10 reflects the highest level of agreement while a score of 0 expresses complete disagreement.) Your answers will highlight areas in which you could benefit from improvement.


  • I meet my deadlines without a lot of last minute panic.
  • I deliver work product to clients when promised.
  • I take time each day before I leave work to review my goals and plan the next day.


  • I have a written list of my top 10 referral sources and make monthly contact with each.
  • I have a written marketing plan that is reviewed and followed on a weekly basis.
  • Sources of revenue (by practice or product area) are specifically identified each month.


  • My office holds regular staff meetings. We follow an agenda.
  • I leverage my talents to the hilt because I have developed effective delegation techniques.
  • A strong infrastructure is in place which includes: organization chart, job descriptions, employee manual and processes for work flow management.


  • All calls are returned within 48 hours by me or a staff member.
  • I feel confident in asking my clients to refer their family and friends.
  • I have strong communication and listening skills.


  • I follow a regular exercise program and eat healthy food most of the time.
  • I get regular medical check ups.
  • I devote time to pursuing my own hobbies and relaxation.
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