Does Anyone Send Handwritten Thank You Notes?

Recently, I ran across an article written by Debra Nussbaum entitled: Thank you” cards seem a quaint relic of the past. But do we not even acknowledge gifts? Take a look at this article for a reminder of the importance of the handwritten note:

Expressing appreciation in the personal as well as the business context is a habit worth developing. Attorneys fortunate enough to get a client referral should immediately send a handwritten note to the referral source. The following process will simplify this task for you: When the law firm receives a referral (even if the potential client does not call), the attorney’s assistant is responsible for addressing a Thank You card and presenting it to the attorney to write a brief note. It’s as easy as: “Dear John, Thank you for referring Mrs. Jones to me for a consultation. While she has not yet called, I hope to have the opportunity to help her in the future. Again, I appreciate your continued confidence in our work.” The assistant is responsible for putting the card in the mail.

Simple things make a difference. You will definitely get the attention of the referral source since most do not take the time to jot just a few simple words.

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