Compelling Communication

Most practicing attorneys would be thrilled if the judges before whom they appear would voluntarily provide tips on effective advocacy and writing. It would certainly remove a lot of the guess work.

Bryan A. Garner, Founding Editor of The Scribes Journal of Legal Writing, has taken it upon himself to do that leg work for those who don’t have time or access. He conducted over 200 interviews of federal and state court judges (including 8 Supreme Court Justices) as well as professional writers and law firm partners and has made videotapes of these interviews available at no charge. Please click here to view.

Thanks to for uploading the complete, 168 page transcript of these interviews. Click here to view the transcript.

Sample Excerpt:

“I think the biggest snoot on the Court used to be Harry Blackmun, and Harry and I joined forces to try to police the Court’s opinions [laughter]. On the current Court, I think probably David Souter is a snoot. Ruth is too polite to be a snoot, but she cares a lot about proper use of the mother tongue.” - Antonio Scalia

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