Marc Matheny, Esq., Indianapolis, IN

“I have seen Cynthia Sharp, the Sharper Lawyer, as a professional speaker, many, many times over the past ten years. I have seen her both in national forums and at the Indiana Solo Small Firm Conference. Cynthia’s presentation on achieving success in running a law practice, including her tips on finance and time management, are invaluable. I would highly recommend Cynthia Sharp as a speaker either in a small or large forum, whether on specific topics or broader general topics in her area.

Cynthia’s presentation is well received and so well received because she is not speaking to lawyers, she is speaking with lawyers, educating them in an informative and humorous, at times, style. For what is considered a “dry topic” is not presented in a “dry” manner when Cynthia Sharp gives a presentation. I would recommend her programs to any veteran lawyer or new lawyers.”