Gary P. Bauer, Professor of Law

gary-bauer"Cynthia Sharp is one of those speakers who connects with the audience. She will leave you with many valuable takeaways. Even though you may be mandated to attend CLE's, this one will have you taking notes during the entire session.

As the most recent recipient of the GPSolo Division Trainer Award, I believe I am in a position to see great talent when I see it. Cynthia Sharp delivers the goods! Her enthusiasm, presentation style, and visual aids all combine to provide the audience with great takeaways. I found myself writing notes during the entire presentation as she managed to make a potentially complicated and dry subject come alive and left me with a much better understanding of the ethical rules where the "rubber meets the road".

If you have a chance to attend one of her seminars, don't miss it. You will find it to be time well-spent. "