I recently attended a MOBAR CLE program taught by Cindy Sharp. Cindy gave us many tools to use to enhance and improve our ability to market our law practice. As she continued her presentation, I realized that she was doing more than just imparting information. Cindy was coaching us. Do not miss the significance that she was coaching us and not just teaching us. Cindy was coaching us to be better marketers.

As Cindy was showing us the specific tool of how to plan our ideal week, I realized that she was doing more than teaching us how to communicate the value of what we do for our clients. Cindy was coaching us that our clients want to have a great experience with us as their lawyer. Cindy was coaching us that we should develop a culture of communication with each client. Cindy was coaching us to deliver value to our clients. She said that our clients will remember how we made them feel. She said we should treat each estate planning client as if they were our mother and father.

The ideal week planning tool was one of many tools she gave to us. In addition to the tools given, she cared about us and wanted us to become better attorneys by becoming better organized and better at delivered our marketing message. Cindy also gave her time to us outside of the seminar. She was encouraging to and interested in us.

I recommend attending any seminar at which she is coaching. Thank you Cindy.