Bob Fallon, Esq., Washington DC

“I would highly recommend Cynthia Sharp for business development coaching. All business development coaches focus on helping lawyers organize and focus their business development efforts on specific targets. Certainly Ms. Sharp can help clients with aspects of business development. But she is really good at getting lawyers to get away from their desk and in front of targets. Lawyers feel most comfortable at their desk working on client matters. But Ms. Sharp focuses on getting lawyers to get out there; to speak in front of groups containing target clients or present on particular topics to specific target clients. She correctly recognizes that such efforts can pay dividends. When we worked together, she was always pushing me to speak. I finally did speak at a client customer meeting. There I met two prospects that have now, or will soon turn into, two new clients -- one after I later followed up with a FERC compliance presentation. I credit Ms. Sharp with that success. For that reason, I would strongly recommend Ms. Sharp for business development coaching.”