Amy Sara Cores, Esq., Freehold, NJ

“Several years ago I realized that I had a need for a business coach. I was watching other attorneys sign up for various programs and spending thousands of dollars a month on fees. I was watching them travel around the country to attend seminars and mandatory meetings. I did not see them making more money or having less stress or having a real one on one guidance.

I attended many of the seminars or at least some of the introductory "sales pitches" of these coaching companies. The programs were either too juvenile for me, or, they took a one size fits all approach. It was not for me.

I had known Cynthia by reputation for many years. I reached out to her. Cynthia immediately became an indispensable guide for me. She was not afraid to tell me when I was wrong; she would work with me to find solutions that worked for me; she provided me materials and guidance that was suited to my needs. She worked with my schedule, my needs, and my personality. That is a tall order.

I feel like she sits on my shoulder as my conscience when I am making business decisions. I value her opinion and I trust her. Anyone considering a business coach, who wants to be treated like a person and not a profit center, needs to speak with Cynthia first.”