CLE Program Offers Practice Building Tips - Attend and Earn Two NJ Ethics Credits

The Sharper Lawyer will begin offering Continuing Legal Education seminars at the end of September 2010. The first program is Take Charge of Your Life – Personal and Professional. It is accredited by the New Jersey State Board on Continuing Legal Education for TWO NEW JERSEY ETHICS CREDITS. Check out our website at for dates and locations.

I have designed this course so that I could share practice building and management techniques that I learned and successfully implemented in over twenty-five years of practicing law. The format is part lecture and part interactive. If you attend, you won't be bored!

At Take Charge, I will review with you the four distinct skill sets that you must develop in order to have a successful law business. The bottom line is that you must run your practice like a business or you are not going to receive the financial rewards that you deserve for the knowledge accumulated over years of schooling and work. Your talent, wisdom and hard work should pay off for you and your family.

Have you ever got to the end of the day and felt like you didn't get anything done even though you worked like crazy for ten hours? We will explore activity management strategies designed to increase your productivity. Then you can either work fewer hours or work the same number of hours and make more money. Your choice.

Speaking of more money, there are many ways to take more of it home (which is the point of it all). One is to attract more clients. We will discuss five practice building techniques that you can implement immediately!

By the way, this seminar is not just about increasing your bottom line. I am a strong advocate of work/life balance. You should have lots of time with your family and friends as well as the leisure to pursue your own individual interests.

Nonetheless, we deserve to be rewarded for our knowledge, wisdom, talent and hard work. Using your staff more effectively will indeed lessen your load and improve the quality of your practice. You will learn how to be more efficient by properly delegating to and monitoring the work of your staff members. We will give you tools that will help get you on the road to becoming an effective leader and efficient manager.

Practicing law can be a source of great satisfaction in your life. By the same token, it can also be a source of great aggravation. We will discuss concrete strategies that will help you minimize your daily stress and irritation.

I look forward to seeing you at one of the four convenient locations in South Jersey. The program will also be available by live webinar and 24-7 CE ON DEMAND.

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