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Is Your Law Firm’s Website Ethically Compliant?

Have you taken a look at your website lately to make sure that the content complies with RPC 7.1 – 7.5? If not, you are in good company. While most law firms have developed websites, many have not focused on potential ethical issues that may be…
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Requirement of Techological Competence for Lawyers

Much has been written about the proposals released for comment by The ABA Commission on Ethics 20/20 recommending Amendments to various aspects of the Model Rules of Professional Conduct. Since the comment period expires on November 30, 2011, those i…
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Story From The Trenches: Conflict of Interest

Attorneys are notorious for telling war stories and some of them even have a point.  Here is one recently shared with me that drives home an important lesson.   Attorney A represented Client A while Attorney B represented Client B with respect to a…
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