Professional Liability Insurance – Crucial Provisions, Potential Pitfalls

Maximum length of instruction time - 90 minutes

Course Description

Even the most careful attorney faces the possibility of being sued for legal malpractice, certainly representing a low point in his or her career. Those who have purchased sufficient malpractice insurance coverage have hopefully protected themselves (at least to an extent) from personal liability. However, an attorney who has not chosen his or her policy wisely at the outset or who has not strictly scrutinized and adhered to policy requirements may be held personally responsible for a claim made by a former client.

This program serves as an in depth introduction to the essential points that MUST be considered before purchasing malpractice coverage as well as the attorney's continuing responsibilities.

Attendees will learn:

  • Pitfalls to avoid
  • Common acts excluded from coverage
  • Impact of defense and settlement provisions
  • Policy conditions which MUST be followed